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your online booKkeeper

Simple. Smart. Straightforward. Solutions.

Our bookkeeping services protect your business where you need it most. Our team of loyal professionals will guide you along your path of financial success with confident recommendations for you to thrive. We are an extension of your team as your trusted financial advisors. Begin your financial transformation with us as we build a collaborative relationship with you as our client. We’re here to help. The rewards are endless!

We Offer More Comprehensive Plans & Add-On Features At Convenient & Affordable Flat Rate Pricing:

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe Which Way You Go? 
Give yourself a break with our simple bookkeeping plans. Our value-priced plans are built to grow with customizable enhancements that fit your specific business needs. Gain transparency in your month-to-month costs that help you budget. Distinguish yourself from the competition with greater productivity that lead to greater profitability. Click here to view plans
Services Covered By All 4 Packages 
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Your Unique Email Address

  • Conversion to Accoutning Software

  • Bank and/or Credit Card Account Integration

We also do A La Carte bookkeeping services as well. Let us kow exactly what you want and we can custom create a plan for you. Contact us Click here.

We Get It’s That Easy...100% Client Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Professional Expertise

Bookkeeping is our forte by staying on top of industry trends and training certifications. Our team of diverse professionals from multiple industries have the knowledge to provide you with excellent service. We are your source for strategic financial perspectives.

Accurate And Honest

We leave no room for errors with our quality control efforts. Our around-the-clock team will work on your accounts to make sure we deliver your financials as promised! We even have rush turnaround service.

Peace Of Mind

We work on your financials in the background while you have access through the secure client dashboard and directly to your accounting software...accessible from anywhere. Ensuring that our relationship grows closer and more transparent.

Save Money

Keep your accounting costs low with increased value to your business. There is no need for any extra space, payroll, or supplies. We offer discounts for recurring payments, testimonials, and referrals. Our fixed pricing encourages you to ask questions without worrying about added-costs.


Why reinvent the wheel, when you can just make it better? We use the leader in accounting software that embraces efficiency-boosting, task-conquering tools that generates higher productivity and smarter workflows.

Uniquely Design

Our bookkeeping platform was designed by one of only 4,000 certified risk managers in the country. This style of financial management can help you get the next level of financial insights for your business by always staying ahead of the curve.

No Pressure Promise

Your needs change and we understand that. Our goal is to help take the hassle out of bookkeeping. Our enhancements are designed to grow with you to make sure you are comfortable when the time is right.

Financial Clarity

You are always VIP with us! We keep you updated every step of the way and have representatives on-hand should you need guidance. Our goal is to help you establish predictable revenue while providing optimized client support.


We take extra measures to ensure that our security is virtually impassable. 256-bit encrypted connections and our storage center is monitored 24/7/365. Representatives go through extensive background checks and only given necessary access.

Looking To The Future

Taking advantage of cloud technology, we make sure that you’re always ahead with access to over 300 third party applications to unlock the power of your accounting software experience.



"We found Bernadette through Craigslist. Our company was starting an entirely new bookkeeping system through Xero. While her direct experience was initially limited, Bernadette went above and beyond our expectations. She signed up for a bookkeeper account through Xero and is taking online courses to instruct herself on the full usage of the program. She has also proven to have incredible in-depth knowledge of bookkeeping. We contracted with her to not only setup our books but also train us to keep them ourselves in the future. She was able to tutor our staff member on all of the accounting principles needed to keep the books up moving forward. We take comfort in also knowing she is just a phone call or e-mail away for any questions we may have moving forward." 

— BMK Media Consulting Corp - 



For any inquiries, please call or email us:

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