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For those “commitment phobes" who want to move ahead and catch up their books whenever they fall behind. No matter where you get stuck, this business accounting plan can help your business to start off on the right foot again.

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Built for small startups who want to make sure how they are doing on their accounting books every few months. This plan allows business owners to make sure they never fall behind while they build their business.

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Our most popular plan shows your progress month to month. Knowing how you have done, will make sure you can make adjustments along the way.


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Under this online bookkeeping plan, we act as your Virtual CFO. We take care of your complex accounting matters and successfully manage your books for you.

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What Our Bookkeeping Plans Offer?


At SaaSy Bookkeeper, we are committed to providing you with a bookkeeping plan that will help you focus on your business. We offer four different bookkeeping plans at with value-priced rates. You can choose and change your plan according to your growing business needs. Which way will you go?



For business owners who want to catch up their books and move ahead efficiently whenever they fall behind.


Designed for businesses that need to start off their bookkeeping on the right foot with minimal effort.


This our most popular plan which covers a wide range of accounting services.


If you want a virtual CFO, then this plan is the best option for you. It is the most detailed plan where you take control of all your bookkeeping needs.


These plans can go above and beyond for you with our customizable plan enhancements which can be added onto any plan for a better bookkeeping experience. Let’s work together to take your business to new heights of success and prosperity. We are looking forward to securing your tomorrow and so should you!


All of our plans include:


Dedicated Account Manager and Email Address:

It’s easy to remember where to send any information you have for us. Your correspondence is received by everyone on your team at the same time for priority servicing.


Conversion To Accounting Software:

Move your financial records from any other software to Intuit’s Quickbooks online. We specialize in converting your accounting data to this cloud based software and that’s why we do not consider the conversion as an additional service.


Set-up Your New Cloud Accounting System:

Now that have made the right choice to join the cloud, we make sure that you start off on the right foot. We update your company settings, invite the users of your choice, and make sure your chart of accounts are in order.


Bank And/Or Credit Card Account Integration

We connect your bank/credit card accounts to Quickbooks program which helps to reduce manual data entry, makes it simple to classify transactions, and easy to add to your account register.


Account Reconciliation

After the cloud software imports all transactions from your integrated bank and credit card accounts, it’s time to accept those transactions and match to your issued bank statement.



We are always available. Send a message to your dedicated email address and the right person will be there every time.

  • Small Start-Ups to Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Franchises to Mom-n-Pop

  • Construction to Hospitality

  • High Net Worth Individuals

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