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Thinking of Setting Up Your Own Bookkeeping Plan?


A bookkeeping plan is the main ingredient for any business. We developed these our packages with core accounting responsibilities necessary for any business. Our customized enhancements will turn those packages into the perfect bookkeeping solution for your business. Fortunately, 3 of our plans come with a number of FREE Customized Enhancements. We have about 40 different enhancements to choose from. Give us a description of what you want and we’ll just add it on for you! You can add as little or as many as you want.

Customized Bookkeeping


Customized Chart of Accounts

We can create and follow on a monthly basis industry specific chart of accounts. This is helpful for Construction and Hospitality industries.

Class Tracking

Track multiple revenue streams or group certain transactions for separation in reports.

Multiple Location Tracking

Track the income and expenses for multiple locations you might have. We can even track sales by city or state for you

Transactional Data Entry and Syncing

Recurring Transactions

Your business probably has transactions that you need to record regularly. We set-up and maintain those transactions for income or expenses that automatically occur every month.

Sales Recording

Sometimes your bank deposits don’t match your actual sales. This is common with restaurants and ecommerce companies. We can adjust your income based on reports from point of sales (POS) systems and spreadsheets exported from any sales systems or marketplace

Merchant Account Reconciliation

Do you ever wonder if your credit card deposits are coming in right? We match up the deposits with your issued merchant statement.

Unlimited Transactions

Most of our plans, except Mo, have a limit on the amount of transactions. This add-on will increase the cap to an unlimited amount.

Spreadsheet Importing

Have you been keeping a spreadsheet of all your financial information? We can get that information imported for you into Quickbooks for better reporting capabilities.

Weekly Recording

Sometimes posting your transactions once a month is not enough. We are here to update your register more frequently so you can have a better understanding of what is really in your accounts

Accounts Receivable


When you are ready to bill your clients, we can create and send invoices, on your behalf, to collect payments.

Invoice Follow-up

Make sure your client’s always get timely reminders that they owe you money. Get Paid Faster!

Customer Account Management


Find out what is really owed to you. We compare information received from your customer and send you a report showing the differences.

Payment Recording

We apply any payments a client makes to the appropriate invoice on file so you can have an accurate receivables report.

AR Reports

Get emails with a report showing you how much money your clients owe you. It’s a great tool to determine your future cashflow

Merchant Account Set-up

Make it easier to collect payments on your invoices. We can set-up payment services through Quickbooks so clients can pay you with just one click.

Accounts Payable

Vendor Account Management

Dispute an amount someone says you owe them. We compare information received from your vendors and send you a report showing the differences.

Bill Updating

Know exactly what you owe your vendors. We will update Quickbooks so you can have an accurate payables report.

Bill Payments

Don’t have time to cut checks once a week? We will make sure your vendors are paid within terms through online bill payment service.


Payroll Set-Up

Are you ready to start payroll for your company? We can help get everything going so you can run your first payroll through Quickbooks.

Payroll Processing

Make sure everyone in the company gets paid on time and right. We can process your payroll through any full-service payroll provider you have.

Payroll Recording

Once your payroll is processed, we will make sure that all the paychecks and liability is recorded in your register for an accurate account balance.

Payroll Accruals

Regardless when your payroll clears, we will make sure that your payroll is accounted for in the correct period of time.

Time-Sheet Management

Do your employees clock in and out? Would you like that system to be automated? We can approve hours and send you review reports.

Commission Payables Management

When you have people to pay commission to, we are here to help you manage that process of collecting information and producing reports.

Balance Sheet Calculations

Asset Tracking

Keep record of all your possessi

on within your chart of accounts. We can capitalize your purchases for expensing overtime.


We can set-up and maintain your assets through Quickbooks. We can record a simple straight-line monthly depreciation for your income statements.

Loans Payable Management

We act as a ‘Loan manager’ by managing and computing your loan’s amortization amount. We properly record monthly loan payments to principal and interest.

Inventory Adjustments

The need to adjust inventory balances arises when there is a difference between actual inventory vs books. We record adjustments to inventory that reduce or increase your cost of goods on your income statement.

Prepaid Expenses

Certain expenses are paid all at once but pay for a year's worth of services, like service contracts and dues/subscriptions. We will make these expenses appear on a monthly basis on your financial statements.

Adjusting Journal Entries

If your balance sheet is right, your income statement will be right. We keep track and adjust balance sheet items like payroll accruals, undeposited funds, prepaid expenses, and loan balances.

Financial Statements & Company Performance

Income Statement

Get a snapshot of your company’s operating performance for any specific time period. We can generate these reports and send to you on a regular basis.

Cash Flow Reports

Have you ever struggled with not having any money in the bank but know that you are making more sales. Get an indepth look on where you money is really going.

Performance Reports

We can provide analytic metrics to assist you in monitoring how well your business is performing with trends and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Rush Delivery

Sometimes you are in a rush and need priority for issuing your quarterly or monthly statements. We will deliver your financial information before our standard delivery times.


Being able to compare to a budget is necessary. We set up and maintain your budget throughout the year. Receive an emailed monthly report


See how you compare against other companies in your industry. We provide metrics to see how you measure up.

Customized Reports

Sometimes the reports that come with your accounting software don’t give you enough. We can create and save any customized options for reviewing your financial information

Company Set-up

Corporation Filing

We can assist you in getting your corporation filed with your state. Corporate Filing such as with your State Division of Corporations, FEIN Filing, State Sales Tax Filing, etc.

Books Review (QuickClean)

Know there’s something not quite right with your financial data? Not sure what happened or how to fix it? We have a specific method that we use to analyze your data and find out exactly what needs to be fixed.

Data Conversion

Move your financial records from any other software to Intuit’s Quickbooks online. We specialize in converting your accounting data to this cloud based software and that’s why we do not consider the conversion as an additional service


Third Party Application Management

There are 100s of third party application that sync with Quickbooks. We can set-up and maintain the software so you flow of information is never interrupted.

Customization of Forms

Sometimes you want your invoices and emails coming from Quickbooks to have some “pizzaz”. We will help you incorporate logos and any special wording you would like on any forms generated from Quickbooks.

Document Management

We can make sure that all your supporting documents are filed away for retrieval later. Almost every entry in Quickbooks will allow for the attachment of a source document. We make sure it’s there.


Do you have someone on staff that wants to learn to use Quickbooks. We’re here to help you with any questions and detailed steps on how to get things accomplished along with workflows and back office processes to help you save time and money.

Quickbooks Subscriptions

We offer discounts on Quickbooks Software subscriptions. Even if you want to do all your bookkeeping yourself, we are here as your software discount house.

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