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Terms and Conditions

- Variations in the actual amount of work given to SaaSy Bookkeeper may result in deviations of estimated costs versus actual costs. 

- Additional charges for approved out-of-pocket expenses may be added to our professional services and receipts will be provided. 

- Invoicing for services are issued on a month basis, on the last day of the month for all work done within that month. 

- All services are required to be paid within 10 days of invoice by credit card or bank transfer. 

- SaaSy Bookkeeper reserve the right to not deliver services and/or stop working if you fail to make payment. 

- Both parties are able to stop services by giving the other 30 days written notice of our intention as this is to allow an easy transition for the client and proper transfer of sensitive information.

- SaaSy Bookkeeper does not provide auditing, forensic auditing, legal services, tax preparation, and/or tax advice. Our accounting services will not, and cannot be relied upon to disclose financial errors, irregularities, or illegal acts such as fraud or misappropriation, which may exist or take place.

- Anything related to tax advice must be referred to a CPA for accuracy.

- Incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the “Client” will affect the ability to perform services.

- SaaSy Bookkeeper is a third Party Vendor 

- SaaSy Bookkeeper shall at no time divulge or disclose any information regarding the business of tour clients including but not limited to sensitive financial information, financial standing, customer lists, information concerning customers, any other matter connected with or pertaining to the business of our clients with the exception of at our client's request.  

- SaaSy Bookkeeper will not use the personal information other than for the purposes of its business, and shall disclose it only to those employees of SaaSy Bookkeeper with a specific need to know. 

- Some third party vendors and/or applications might be used to facilitate the bookkeeping process. 

- SaaSy Bookkeeper shall promptly notify our clients if any breach of security occurs that may affect customer information and document responsive action taken. 

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