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Simple. Smart. Straightforward. Solutions.

Our bookkeeping services protect your business where you need it most. Our team of loyal professionals will guide you along your path of financial success with confident recommendations for you to thrive. We are an extension of your team as your trusted financial advisors. Begin your financial transformation with us as we build a collaborative relationship with you as our client. We’re here to help. The rewards are endless!

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About Us


As one of only 3,500 Certified Risk Managers, SaaSy Bookkeeper comes with an unique style of bookkeeping that will give you the tools to protect and grow your company. Not only do we report your financial numbers accurately, but we can identify potential problem areas within your business to give you an idea of where your company can control and manage your success. Our professional bookkeepers provide a complete solution for all your complex bookkeeping concerns without any doubts. We are financial bookkeeping specialists with vast amounts of experience that comes from a risk management point of view.


Message from the Owner


I’m Bernadette, the owner and principal of SaaSy Bookkeeper. Ever since I was a child, I saw people come with shoe boxes filled with receipts to my father’s CPA practice. He would have me sort and add hundreds of client’s receipts. I would daydream of easier ways to get it done. Ever since then I have been on a mission to make that experience less painful for myself and my clients! My goal is to provide Simple, Smart, Straightforward Bookkeeping Solutions. I believe we have accomplished this through four easy to choose valued-priced plans that use cloud technology to automate a large portion of data entry. Pick a plan and join me on a journey to your financial success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Focus on Risk Management?
Risk managers are trained for the financial evaluation of business operations and decisions by analyzing potential risks through an understanding of financial records, business operations, and economic trends. We are one of the only specialized bookkeeping firms that comes with this style of handling your bookkeeping needs. Not only do we enter your financials on the front end, but we review how that data translates back to your financial reports.
What Does SaaSy Mean?
SaaSy is using the anagram SaaS which means Software-as-a-Service. We incorporate the use of technology to give you a better bookkeeping experience. Our professional bookkeepers modernize routine bookkeeping with the industry’s leading accounting software ‘QuickBooks’. Quickbooks online gives us a great template to work with and allows the connection of third party applications, just like the Google Android system. These application make the bookkeeping possibilities endless!


Why Should I Choose an Online Bookkeeper?
We offer all-inclusive and flexible accounting packages which can be tailored to your business’s specific bookkeeping needs and budget. While business owners keep an eye on day-to-day business responsibilities, your bookkeeping can fall behind. Our online bookkeeping services will allow you to focus on those areas of your business and leave your financials to us. Managing online bookkeeping for small businesses is SaaSy Bookkeeper’s specialty. You don’t need to worry about constantly staffing someone along with all the hassles of those added expenses. We are always here.


How Do Your Bookkeeping Packages Work?
SaaSy Bookkeeper offers simple online bookkeeping packages at reasonable costs. You pick your bookkeeping plan and any additional customized enhancements for a flat rate price. You know exactly what you are getting and there are no hidden costs with any of our bookkeeping plans. Along the way, we let you know of other areas that we can improve on your experience and the exact cost. You choose if you want to go that far or not. Anytime you want more or your CPA recommends more, we can upgrade your services.


Let's work together to develop the right combination of our skills and your passion for your business so you can soar to new heights of success. As your bookkeeping firm, we are what you need today so you can be secure about tomorrow. We are looking forward to it!
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