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Built for small startups who want to make sure how they are doing on their accounting books every few months. This plan allows business owners to make sure they never fall behind while they build their business.


Fixed Services Covered By Meenie Online Bookkeeping:

  • Dedicated Account Manager and Email Address:
  • Conversion To Accounting Software:
  • New Cloud Accounting System:
  • Bank And/Or Credit Card Account Integration
  • 2 Bank And/Or Credit Card Account Reconciliations per month
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Quarterly Financial Reports Included.

  • FREE QuickBooks Online Accounting Software (Essentials for a $325 yearly value).

  • FREE Selection of 1 add-on




Customized Enhancements:

1 free customized enhancement is included.

Popular Add-ons for this plan include:


  • Unlimited Transactions

  • Loan Payable Management

  • Adjusting Journal Entries


Click here to view some more of our Customized Enhancements



The starting price of the ‘Meenie bookkeeping package’ is $150 per month.  Click here to contact us for an estimate.


Any Question Contact Us Click Here

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